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POA Mare

Maggie is the sweetest friend.  She looks forward to neck scratches and loves to have her hair brushed.



Blue Roan Quarter Horse

Copper is a kind eyed gelding.  He loves to take things in and be funny.  He will stick his tongue out when he gets molasses and loves to remind you when his grain bucket is empty.


Quarter Horse

Jiggs has a special story he shares with the kids that come here.  He has a giant heart and generally calls out in a whinny when the kids come to the ranch.


Norwegian Fjord

Heidi loves loves loves to be brushed.  She is so excited when she sees kids coming towards the fence.  She often drops her head when the kids brush her fur, and often she looks like she is ready to nap she gets so happy when the kids are here.

The Herd: Meet the Team
The Herd: Meet the Team

Ranch Friends



This Barred Rock hen is sure to make your heart smile.  She loves to see new people.  She loves to eat fruit and veggies.

Image by Justin Greene

Future Friends of the ranch

Watch for new friends coming soon!


Future Friends of the Ranch

Keep checking to see who comes to join our herd!

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